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Our HVAC Design Services
System Design is a holistic process. We look at the whole system over the whole lifecycle.
  • Full Residential Design
  • Light Commercial Load Calculation
  • Commissioning

The Commissioning Plan Development phase consists of working to develop a Commissioning Plan which includes a review of the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR's), a review of the final design and Basis of Design Documents, and the development of commissioning test procedures. This phase focuses on mechanical systems. The second phase, Commissioning Plan Execution, involves the implementation of the Commissioning Plan, including scheduling of tests and sub-contractors, HVAC equipment inspections, reviews of the test results, progress reports, and a final Commissioning Report.

We offer full HVAC Design Services. This includes a load calculation, equipment selection, duct design and layout, and ventilation specification. Our Designs can be for residential or light commercial buildings.


  • Jeremy at HVAC Design Partners was an incredibly valuable asset to our new home construction planning process. As a custom home builder focussing on high performance homes it is difficult to rely just on our heating and cooling contractors to accurately design an efficient system and to price it fairly. Jeremy was able to eliminate that work from us, and take it on. He thoughtfully went through our plans with our Architect, and took plenty of time to understand how we as the builder were going to detail the air and insulation systems. Jeremy and his team at HVAC Design Partners then went on to create a detailed multi page explanation of our exact heating and cooling loads, air flow and circulation requirements, fresh air recovery system, and whole house dehumidification system. After that he went one step further and specified the exact mechanical components, line set locations, and duct work locations for each area of the house! Thank you so much for your hard work!

    Adam Kilgore-Alair Homes Akron, Ohio

Residential Design

Residential HVAC Design is becoming more and more necessary as the loads in homes get lower and lower. HVAC offers the full suite of ACCA Design Manuals. ACCA Manual JSDT are industry accepted residential HVAC design standards.

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HVAC Design Partners Light Commercial Load Calculations can be either block load for sizing or a full room to room load calculation. Room to Room includes airflow values and zoning if needed.


  • "Jeremy and the HVAC Design Partners team are great to work with as HVAC design consultants.They were easy to contact, thorough in their work, and time sensitive. I would recommend Jeremy and the HVAC Design Partners team, and will continue to use their expertise on projects."

    Steven Gebhart -Community Design Alliance Hamilton, Ohio

Light Commercial Load Calculation

Our Light Commercial Design service takes into consideration many elements that residential design doesn’t need to. Things like lighting and equipment schedules, hours of operation, door openings and much more. The more detail you provide the more exact our calculations will be. Our light commercial design encompasses all types of commercial use buildings 3 stories and under. Anything from multi-family residential to retail or office build-outs.

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