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Manual J,S,D including Duct Layout and Ventilation Design

To properly design a heating and air conditioning system intended for a residential application, An ACCA Manual J load calculation, (using an Air Conditioning Contractors of America- ACCA approved software), ACCA Manual S equipment selection, ACCA Manual D Duct Design and ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation calculation should be applied. This method of design is now required by Green Building programs like LEED for Homes and Energy Star as well as Building Codes in most municipalities nationwide. While some HVAC contractors and builders view the ACCA Manual Design Process as an unnecessary burden, professional- HVAC contractors, and builders interested in providing their clients with the best product know that the goal of a quality HVAC design is total occupant comfort.  Comfort is driven by several factors including temperature, humidity, air velocity and noise. Planned occupant comfort starts with a quality HVAC Design.

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Residential HVAC Design is becoming more and more necessary as the loads in homes get lower and lower. HVAC offers the full suite of ACCA Design Manuals. ACCA Manual JSDT are industry accepted residential HVAC design standards.

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