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The Need

"We have an HVAC design done by an installer, but we are not really satisfied with the system they have suggested- it seems to us like more than is needed for the size and energy efficiency of the house we've designed. Would your team be able to provide us with an HVAC spec for the mini-split heat pumps?"

"Our hope is to heat and cool the house with mini-splits: probably either Daikin or Mitsubishi. We think one unit in the basement, located on the angled wall of the bathroom, one on the first floor, and one unit with two heads on the second floor."

Full HVAC Design – Deliverables will include:

  • Manual J, Load Calculation: We will complete an energy model to determine the amount of heating and cooling requirements the building has. We will generate reports that will show the heating and cooling loads for all zones within the building.
  • Manual S, Equipment Selection: Based on the calculations generated from the energy model, we will select properly sized equipment, and will produce a written specification for all heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. This will also include performance and installation specifications for the duct system.
  • Manual D, Duct Design: For any ducted systems in the building, we will design and lay out a properly sized duct system, including registers, to fit within the structure of the building, which will be represented by a single-line diagrammatic scalable floor plan. For ductless systems, we will address distribution issues to ensure that each zone gets the proper amount of heating and cooling.
  • Mechanical ventilation requirements and specification (for low load designs Ventilation system may serve as distribution system)
  • 2220 Sqft 2 Story with finished basement Single Family Home
  • R-19 Exterior Above Grade Walls
  • R-12.5 Below Grade Superior Wall System with additional R-7.5 Interior Insulating System
  • R-49 Roof Attic Insulation
  • Planned 1.5 ACH 50

Entire House:

Heating - 21009 Btuh Cooling- 11611 Btuh 

Basement Zone :

Heating-4917 Btuh Cooling - Sensible-2862 Btuh Latent- 404 Btuh  Total - 3266 Btuh 

1st Flr Zone :

Heating-8094 Btuh Cooling- Sensible- 4472 Btuh Latent -160 Btuh Total- 4633 Btuh 

2nd flr Zone :

Heating : 7997 Btuh Cooling -Sensible-4166 Btuh Latent- 333 Btuh Total- 4500 Btuh

Required Ventilation - 63 CFM

What We Designed/ Specified

  • Heating and Cooling( No Auxiliary Heating)-
    • One 2 TonDaikin Aurora Multi-Zone Variable Speed Inverter Heat Pump (3 Zones) 
      • Basement Zone - One centrally located 7000 Btu indoor ductless wall mounted -unit
      • 1st Floor Zone- One centrally located 9000 Btu indoor ductless wall mounted unit 
      • 2nd Floor Zone- One centrally located 9000 Btu indoor ductless wall mounted unit
  • Auxiliary Distribution
    • Variable speed transfer fans on the bedrooms, TV Room and Storage Room
  • Auxiliary Dehumidification and Ventilation -

What the Client Had to Say

Jeremy at HVAC Design Partners was an incredibly valuable asset to our new home construction planning process. As a custom home builder focusing on high performance homes it is difficult to rely just on our heating and cooling contractors to accurately design an efficient system and to price it fairly. Jeremy was able to eliminate that work from us and take it on. He thoughtfully went through our plans with our Architect and took plenty of time to understand how we as the builder were going to detail the air and insulation systems. Jeremy and his team at HVAC Design Partners then went on to create a detailed multi page explanation of our exact heating and cooling loads, air flow and circulation requirements, fresh air recovery system, and whole house dehumidification system. After that he went one step further and specified the exact mechanical components, line set locations, and duct work locations for each area of the house! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Adam Kilgore, Alair Homes 

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