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HVAC Design Partners has over 20 years of combined experience in HVAC Design, Test and Balance and Green Building Verification. As these worlds collide there are often gaps left to be filled in the “how to”. HVAC Design Partners provides HVAC Load Calculation and HVAC System Quality Installation Evaluation training for HERS and Energy Star Raters. We also provide Code Compliance and Green Building Program compliance training for Builders and HVAC Contractors. 

Our Services

HVAC Design Partners can offer full residential and light commercial HVAC design, testing and commissioning services. Our design services include everything from simple block load calculations to full HVAC Design including equipment and ventilation schedules and duct layouts

Our testing services include basic trouble-shooting and air-flow diagnostic, certified test and balance and full systems commissioning among many others. No HVAC Design is guaranteed to work as intended unless it has been fully commissioned at the end of the installation process