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ACCA Manual N, Duct Design, Equipment and Ventilation Schedule

When a load calculation is done for a residential property it is known as a Manual J.  When it is done for a commercial property - like a coffee shop or office, it is known as a Manual N and accounts for things like how many occupants by hour and by day, What machines, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, cooking appliances, motors, computers, printers and how much lighting is in the building.  

It will include a duct design for the equipment and ventilation to match the required load. This will be presented in the expected schedule format. 

Our Services

Our Light Commercial Design service takes into consideration many elements that residential design doesn’t need to. Things like lighting and equipment schedules, hours of operation, door openings and much more. The more detail you provide the more exact our calculations will be. Our light commercial design encompasses all types of commercial use buildings 3 stories and under. Anything from multi-family residential to retail or office build-outs.

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