HERS H2O Water Efficiency Rating Services
Unlocking Water Efficiency for Sustainable Homebuilding

Water is our most precious resource, and predicting its usage is crucial for the future of homebuilding. As water resources become increasingly strained and prices continue to rise, it is essential to incorporate water efficiency measures into residential construction. At HVAC Design Partners, we offer HERS H2O Water Efficiency Rating Services to help you optimize water consumption and contribute to sustainable living.

The rising cost of water is not solely based on availability but is also influenced by the expenses associated with upgrading aging water infrastructure. This presents an opportunity for significant water cost savings through efficient water usage in almost all regions of the U.S. The first crucial step in achieving these savings is to assess a home design’s projected water consumption using the HERS H2O verification metric.

HERS H2O builds upon the widely recognized Home Energy Rating System (HERS®) Index developed by RESNET. This index sets the industry standard for assessing a home’s energy efficiency. HERS H2O extends this system to provide a comprehensive rating for whole-house water efficiency, covering both indoor and outdoor water usage.

As an approved National HERS H2O Provider, HVAC Design Partners can guide your homes towards enhanced water efficiency and conservation design. Our HERS H2O process includes:

  • Site plan and selection analysis to project indoor and outdoor water consumption models.
  • On-site service static pressure testing at hose bibs to ensure optimal water flow.
  • Water hardness testing to determine the water’s mineral content.
  • Toilet leak detection testing to identify and rectify water wastage.
  • Flow rate verification on all faucets, showerheads, and irrigation zones to ensure efficient water usage.
  • On-site verification of landscape design and permeable surface ratios, supporting water-conscious landscaping.
  • Certification, reporting, and home registration with the HERS H2O National Registry, validating your commitment to water efficiency.

By leveraging our expertise and the HERS H2O Water Efficiency Rating Services, you can make informed decisions to optimize water consumption in your residential projects. Join us in promoting sustainable living and securing a more efficient water future. Contact HVAC Design Partners today to embark on your water efficiency journey.

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