Energy Code Inspections & Testing

In the majority of municipalities across the US, residential single-family construction projects are required to adhere to some version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Knoxville, Tennessee, and its surrounding area have adopted the 2018 IECC with certain amendments, while Cincinnati, Ohio—home to our main office—follows the 2013 IECC with specific amendments. Regardless of your location, it is essential to ensure that your homes meet the most recent energy code standards.

At HVAC Design Partners, we specialize in helping clients nationwide navigate and comply with local energy codes. Our certified staff understands the unique requirements of different municipalities, allowing us to perform thorough energy code inspections, duct blower testing, blower door tests, and any other mandated assessments. We prioritize keeping your projects compliant without compromising production speed.

By relying on our expertise and our nationwide partner network, you can rest assured that your construction projects will meet and exceed the energy efficiency standards set by your local area. Our meticulous inspections and comprehensive testing services guarantee that your homes are energy-efficient, sustainable, and compliant with the latest energy code regulations. HVAC Contact Design Partners today to ensure compliance and optimize energy performance in your residential construction projects.

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