Duct Testing and Sealing Services
Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Compliance

In Cincinnati, Ohio, where our home office is located, and certain parts of Knoxville, where we maintain a satellite office, building codes require ductwork to be sealed to prevent air leakage and establish maximum allowable leakage levels. Similar requirements exist in many municipalities across the country. At HVAC Design Partners, we provide professional duct testing services to assist HVAC contractors and builders in meeting the stringent energy codes.

Our highly experienced field staff, based in our office locations, specializes in duct testing and troubleshooting, ensuring compliance with energy codes. Additionally, our skilled technicians and trusted nationwide partners offer comprehensive duct leakage testing and sealing training services to contractors nationwide.

A duct test accurately determines the level of leakage within the ductwork responsible for delivering heated or cooled air to living spaces. During the test, the mechanical system is turned off, and all registers, including supplies and returns, are sealed with low-tack adhesive plastic. A calibrated fan is then attached to the air handler, and the duct system is either pressurized or depressurized to a target pressure of 25 pascals. A computer measures the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air that must be added or removed from the ducts to maintain the specified pressure. Results can be expressed as CFM of leakage or, more commonly, as CFM per square foot (SF) of floor area. Leaky ductwork significantly contributes to excessive utility costs, making duct testing an essential step for energy efficiency.

Partnering with HVAC Design Partners ensures access to reliable duct testing and sealing services. Our expert team employs state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques to deliver accurate results and optimize the performance of your HVAC system. By addressing duct leakage, we help you reduce energy waste and associated utility costs.

Contact HVAC Design Partners today to schedule professional duct testing services and take a crucial step towards enhancing energy efficiency and meeting energy codes. Together, we can create more sustainable, comfortable, and cost-effective living and working environments.

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