COMcheck Analysis
Ensuring Accurate and Timely Compliance

Before obtaining permits for your construction project, it is crucial to complete the required energy model reports, also known as COMchecks, accurately and efficiently. At HVAC Design Partners, our energy design team specializes in providing comprehensive COMcheck analysis services to ensure your reports are reviewed and approved promptly.

Our Certified Energy Modelers work closely with you to analyze your building specifications, ensuring that your design meets energy-efficient and code compliance requirements. We understand the importance of finding the most cost-effective methods for designing buildings that are not only energy-efficient but also meet all necessary regulations.

Our COMcheck Reports cover the following areas:

  • Building Envelope: We assess the insulation, fenestration, and other elements of your building envelope to determine their energy performance and compliance with energy codes.
  • Interior Lighting: Our team evaluates the lighting systems within your building, considering factors such as energy consumption, lighting controls, and efficiency, to ensure compliance with energy regulations.
  • Exterior Lighting: We examine the outdoor lighting design and fixtures, verifying that they meet the energy code requirements while maintaining adequate illumination for safety and aesthetics.
  • Mechanical Systems: Our experts analyze the mechanical systems, including HVAC and ventilation, to ensure they are designed efficiently and comply with energy codes, promoting optimal energy performance.

By leveraging our COMcheck Analysis services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your energy model reports will be accurate, complete, and compliant. We strive to streamline the review and approval process, minimizing any potential delays in obtaining permits for your construction project.

Trust HVAC Design Partners to provide you with the expertise and guidance necessary for a successful COMcheck analysis. Contact us today to ensure accurate compliance, optimize energy efficiency, and move forward with your construction project confidently.

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