Blower Door Testing
Assessing Building Airtightness for Energy Efficiency

In most municipalities, building codes mandate a blower door test for residential new construction and many renovation projects. This requirement holds true in Cincinnati, Ohio, where our home office is located, and certain parts of Knoxville, Tennessee, where we maintain a satellite office. Blower door testing is an essential component of HERS Ratings, various green building programs, and utility-sponsored incentive programs. It serves as a valuable diagnostic tool to identify and address air leakage in homes.

During a blower door test, we evaluate the airtightness of a house. The process involves installing a frame and cloth panel into an exterior door, with a calibrated fan mounted within the frame. The fan depressurizes the interior of the house to a target pressure of 50 pascals, while a computer measures the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air required to maintain that pressure. The results can be expressed as CFM of leakage or, more commonly, as air changes per hour (ACH), which indicates how many times the entire volume of the house is exchanged in one hour. Energy codes typically establish a maximum allowed ACH for residential construction. In Cincinnati, Ohio, for instance, the maximum is set at 5 ACH.

Understanding the airtightness of buildings is essential for accurate energy usage forecasts and ventilation calculations to ensure compliance with ASHRAE 62.1 and 62.2 codes. To further enhance our assessments, we also recommend employing test smoke and/or an infrared thermal imager. These tools help locate invisible drafts and infiltration points that can lead to issues within buildings.

At HVAC Design Partners, we offer comprehensive blower door testing services to evaluate the airtightness of your residential projects. Our experienced team is equipped with the necessary expertise and cutting-edge equipment to perform precise tests and provide actionable recommendations. By addressing air leakage, we help optimize energy efficiency, enhance comfort, and ensure compliance with relevant codes and regulations.

Contact HVAC Design Partners today to schedule a blower door test and gain valuable insights into the airtightness of your buildings. Together, we can create more energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable living environments.

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