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September 1, 2023


This course is designed to introduce the basics of residential HVAC design and commissioning. It will highlight the importance of residential HVAC design that follows the ACCA Manual process and the commissioning process at a residential level. It will introduce standards already in place that can be referred to for best practices. The target audience is HVAC Designers, HVAC Contractors and Energy Raters. You must have a working knowledge of basic residential construction and HVAC to benefit from this course.


  1. Understand the basic ACCA Residential Design Process and why true HVAC Design is necessary for occupant and building health along with achieving LEED BD+C V4 Homes Prereq EA Minimum Energy Performance
  2. Define Commissioning as it applies to Residential HVAC. Learn how a design that considers occupant and building safety can fail if a true commissioning process is not used.
  3. Get to know RESNET/ACCA Standard 210 and ASHRAE 221 and how they apply to better results in LEED BD+C V4 Homes credit EA Annual Energy Use
  4. Learn How Standard 310 and Standard 221 work together to create a complete Residential HVAC Commissioning Process that will make sure the HVAC system acts as designed to maintain building and occupant safety, and how it benefits LEED BD+C V4 Homes credit EA Annual Energy Use


Jeremy Begley

Green Building Consulting

Thank you all for the feedback! Happy to answer any additional questions you may have !


James Caracciolo

Heritage Mechanical services

Very useful information about load calculations and how to maximize efficiency.


Briana DiNicola

University of Arizona- Online

great course! a bit difficult to read slides without being full screen, and subtitles would definitely help, but overall very thorough and useful course!


Elizabeth Halford

Anancia Consulting, LLC

Great to hear folks are actually doing residential HVAC design and commissioning. Thanks for the presentation!


Jacob Push

A lot of strong knowledge from the presenters in this course. The explanation of the different standards and how to use them was great. Taking "commercial practices such as TAB and commissioning and applying it to residential should have huge impacts on performance.


Sharmika Unique Smith

Global Oasis Inc.

Needed this. I know nothing about HVAC but this taught me how to work with contractors to get the job done correctly. What data I need and how to get it. What my contractor needs from me. Loved it.


Henrique Benedetti

Fincantieri Infrastructure

It is an excellent introduction to residential HVAC system design, installation, test and balance and commissioning. ACCA load calculation, duct design, equipment selection manuals are reviewed. The importance of Test and balance, and energy consumption management are presented.

The advantage of ACCA 310 standard when closing a project and all potential benefits for owner, user and contractors.

Are you committed to decrease HVAC energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions?? Well, this course is an excellent starting point.